So you wanna be an actor?

We can answer all your questions about talent agents, how to find a talent agency & how to navigate the acting industry. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions below, or submit your own right here.

What type of artists do you represent?

AMI represents principal actors for film, television, theatre and voice over work. We do not represent bands, musicians, visual artists, models, writers or back ground talent.

Does AMI represent background talent?

AMI is a principal agency. We do not actively seek or submit on background work.

At what age does AMI represent children?

Generally we do not represent children under the age of 5. However, there are exceptions with identical twins as the union has very stringent rules for young children/infants and productions generally prefer to use twins in these situations.

Does AMI charge any fees beyond the industry standard commission?

No, however there are costs charged by third parties for services associated with working in our industry (Headshot Photographer, Casting Workbook, ACTRA to name a few)

Are you currently expanding your roster?

We are always selectively expanding our roster. To submit a headshot and resume click here!

Can I drop in to see an agent?

As we work in a very fast paced industry our agents will not see drop in’s without an appointment.

How can I follow up on a package I submitted?

There’s an old Hollywood saying “don’t call us we’ll call you”. Seriously, we receive an overwhelming amount of submissions weekly. It can take up to 4 weeks to receive a response to your submission. Should you not hear back from us in that time frame we may not have interest in your submission at this time.

What are AMI’s business hours?

AMI keeps office hours from 9:30am – 5:30pm eastern time Monday-Friday (excluding those days designated as holidays). We do not set appointments to meet potential new clients outside these hours or on weekends.

I’m not Canadian, can you represent me there?

No… Canada has a complicated tax credit system for film and television productions. For a production to benefit from these credits actors who would like to work on a Canadian production must be a citizen or landed immigrant and often must reside in the province where the filming is taking place.

Can I act as a hobby?

AMI represents professional actors. We expect all of our clients to be available on short notice to audition for parts. If you are not available on short notice and can not arrange your life around auditions we suggest not seeking professional representation.